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Tips Automatic doors 1145
Tuesday, 3 February 2009
Tips Automatic doors 1145

You must plan your day properly if you want to maximize the visit to the flea market. Do not overdress when going to the flea market. Remember to bring a trolley or a shopping cart. A bag or cart is indispensable at the flea market to carry items purchased If possible, get an affordable trolley that can fit nicely into the trunk of your car.

Wearing good walking shoes is important to avoid ending your day because of aching feet. Psychologically it would help to eliminate fatigue if you start to walk to the end of the vendors and then make your way forward. You will have a wider choice of new products if you start at the back. Flea markets may have been offered on weekends only but now we find them even on weekdays. The number of vendors and visitors to the flea market is generally lower during the week. Buying at different stalls is never a predetermined and uniform act that it is impossible to know or effect a specific time of day for a price deal. This is a place where bargains and haggling are expected.

If you arrive early, you can choose from the available good before anyone else. If you have a shopping list, this is the best way to approach. You need to be prepared to pay a higher price for it.

The end of the day, vendors will be lenient towards prices as they wish to sell off whatever that is still remaining. They prefer to go home with as less merchandise as possible. If you could take the risk, you can wait until the end of the day to get the lowest prices. But you could lose the item to someone else.

There are different ways to negotiate the price of any given item. Simply ask the vendor the lowest price and try to arrive at a mutual decision. You can mention a price upfront and see if they will accept it. For instance, if you have 10 dollars as the asking price then hold up the money in your hand.

Lourdes F.

BTW, i found a site about Automatic doors in spanish : Puertas automáticas


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