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Tips travel guide 0599
Friday, 6 February 2009
Safe travel guide 55

When traveling many things can and do go wrong so following a few simple rules could prevent many of those problems fellow travelers encounter on the road. OK, problems occur from time to time but if you can prevent them in the first place, travel can be a less stressful experience where you may end up out of pocket. Things can even get to the point where you can feel like a prisoner as you become reluctant to leave your room. When visiting a new country, traveling safely is really a matter of common sense because you will not be aware of local traditions or problems that are faced by travelers.

Nature gave us all a very effective means for survival in unknown circumstances; it's called instinct and you must learn to trust it. If you are heading out on the town to discover new bars or taking photos at the local fish market, do you really need to carry your passport, traveler's checks, extra cash, credit cards and plane tickets? Expensive and necessary items like identification tickets for example should be left at the hotel in their safe or the room safe if you have one; it is much easier to recover your vacation if you only lose a few important belongings instead of all of them. There is nothing worse than having to cancel credit cards on vacation so to protect your assets further when you are out and about, hide them and the cash in different areas about your person in small amounts; that way a possible thief would not get much.

As an added measure when using travel safely methods, carry credit cards from different accounts; should one be lost or stolen there is a second to fall back on. Some of the easiest possessions to steal are bags and cameras owing to the way people carry them without even recognizing that they are an easy target for thieves; ensure the straps are over the head and across the chest if you want to hold on to them. Try to be aware of where you are when you stroll around and don't make an easy target for the snatch thieves on the back of bikes. Criminals love tourists as they are usually considered easy prey and we all underestimate how very proficient they are at relieving people of their personal belongings.

This complacency can cause problems because these people make their living doing this sort of thing but just a little extra vigilance can make it much harder for them to take what does not belong to them. One way to help reduce the chances of things being stolen is by using a back pack with a padlock, this makes it more difficult to get into and therefore acts as a deterrent.

Ignacio C.

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Posted by marcelinocain927 at 6:24 AM EST
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