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Tuesday, 3 February 2009
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Many families take time out in summertime to hit the road with tents or RVs and camping gear to enjoy nature. Why is camping out common to a world that has driven relentlessly for technological advancement?

Being a conventional pastime is one of the most obvious answers to this question. Because camping out trips are yearly traditions for so many youngsters, numerous families combine camping trips with family reunions. For fathers and sons camping out presents a great opportunity to draw together. When we grow up, we always tend to look back lovingly on our childhood memories of going camping. Though the busy days all seem to blend as one, those camping days stands out and makes it easy to recall your initial camping excursion. We all recall the first time we were free of the city's light pollution and could look up into a clear night sky. The piece and quiet of camping can bring a family closer as they share things that have been unsaid in the hum of life.

Parents can share stories of the past with their kids while gathered around a campfire, along with thoughts on life in general. It is natural that when camping out plays such a strong role in one generation's life-time that they share it with next, hence the tradition of camping gets passed down through the years. It seems only natural when we grow up that we take our kids camping during the summertime just as our mothers and fathers did with us. New sciences emerge, fashion and movements come and go, but throughout all this nature stays the same. It is on this common ground while camping that families can come together and relate to each other in a way that just isn't possible at home.

Camping appeals to individuals because it takes us back to our shared beginnings in the early history of mankind. There is a vacuum in the human soul that can only be filled by nature, no matter how many conquests we make in the business, political, and scientific world. Camping doesn't fit in with a active city and it is a way to connect with a part of ourselves. Camping allows you a special feeling of unity with nature. It is a opportunity for us to ponder on our life seeing the same land that our fathers fought so hard for and knowing that the same land will long survive us.

It is easy to forget in the city that there is such a thing as nature. Most individuals hurry around and get stressed trying to get ahead while paying their bills. In contrast to that life it is quite remarkable to go camping out and to see that in nature everything works in harmony.

A family tradition can be made of an annual camping out trip as memories are made. Even if you don't really like to camp you probably agree that it can be an invigorating experience. Camping remains a beloved venture in an ever changing world.

Luis Franco

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Posted by marcelinocain927 at 6:36 PM EST
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